N.Y. Co., Ltd. (hereafter “the Compamy”) recognizes the importance of protecting private information, and will ensure appropriate use and management of such information in accordance with the following policies.

  1. Use of private information
    In the course of business, the Company may use the private information it has acquired through appropriate means in compliance with applicable laws and regulations to the extent required for the following purposes:
    (1) introductions and offers of products and services
    (2) responding to customer inquiries
    (3) conducting other business in which the Company is engaged
  2. Management of private information
    Besides appointing a Chief Privacy Officer, the Company will be responsible for developing and properly implementing internal regulations to govern the management of private information, while taking appropriate safety measures to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, and/or compromise of such information.
  3. Provision of private information to third parties
    With the exception of circumstances required by law, the Company will never provide private information to any third party without the owner’s prior consent.
  4. Release of private information
    The Company will appropriately handle requests by the owner to release, correct, desist from using, or delete their private information, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Inquiry
    Please ask here regarding privacy policy.
  6. Update the privacy policy
    The Company will revise a part of the pivicacy policy, and will inform on this website.

[Last update date:1st, October, 2016]