《Domestic shipping & Loading on board》
Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Ibaraki (up to Kashima) area, we have been a direct delivery & loading on board as our service.

For other areas, we will ensure that by the loading on board through the local partner.

《International shipping & Loading on board》
Courier such as DHL, air freight, sea freight, we compare each cost and readiness for the best arrangements as per your request. In addition, if the local agency is not done the loading or you are concerned about the loading, we will arrange until the loading on board to your ship, so please tell us in comfort.
In Brazil and Africa can accommodate !

Good News!
Is there case that storage charges in the logistics warehouse it takes until the destination is determined?
For such everyone, we are allowed to store your shipment free of charge at the Osaka logistics warehouse until determine the destination.
Please use this opportunity!

In case of international shipping or loading on board, if the customer has another company of the order, we will assemble and deliver all shipment together for saving transportation cost.