Protecting the Environment with Beecle

We promote the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through Beecle. By reducing climate change through zero emissions, achieving sustainable consumption and production through the use of recycled products, and getting more ships to use Beecle, we can make a bigger impact and get one step closer to achieving the SDGs.


Beecle is driven by an electric motor, emits no exhaust gas, and is quiet when running. Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, which do not require inspection, Beecle rarely breaks down and is expected to last 10 years, compared to the 3-year lifespan of a used light truck onboard service vehicle.

 After use, the Beecle is simply recharged by plugging it into a power outlet, eliminating the need to store gasoline in a carrying can and the hassle of arranging for and refueling it. The batteries are recycled lead-acid batteries and do not use lithium-ion batteries, which can cause ignition risks.


Light trucks were originally designed primarily to carry cargo, so the driver's seat is cramped for large-bodied crew members, even for Japanese, let alone foreigners.

 Beecle, on the other hand, is based on a golf cart, so it has a roomy and comfortable seat layout, and since it has no doors, getting in and out is a breeze. It is also easy to operate, and anyone can drive it, as it is an electric cart that does not require a driver's license.

Comparison with mini trucks

Environmental impact and hazards of conventional service vehicles

Currently, used light trucks and roof-removed passenger cars are often used as onboard service vehicles on car carriers (PCC) to transport lashing belts, plywood and rubber plates for rampway protection, etc. However, since these vehicles are gasoline-powered, the exhaust emissions have a negative impact on the environment and the crew. However, since these are gasoline-powered vehicles, they should not be used on board from the standpoint of health and safety, not to mention the negative impact of exhaust gas on the environment and the crew, and the risk of ignition and explosion caused by gasoline, as well as the use of used vehicles with expired vehicle inspections that can encourage this.

Environmental Considerations for Next Generation Onboard Service Carts

To solve all of these problems, we have begun offering next-generation, environmentally friendly and safe onboard service carts that are fitted with a cargo bed attached to the rear seat of a used electric golf cart. The carts are light and nimble, and their unrestricted onboard space is reminiscent of a "worker bee" beautifully fluttering among the flowers. The power source is a recycled lead-acid battery, which is reused to make effective use of existing materials and resources without investing in new materials and resources for production.

 These characteristics led to the creation of Beecle, a combination of the words "bee," "vehicle," and "recycle.


Warranty1 YEAR3 YEARS
Lead time3 WEEK4 WEEK(New Custom)
3 WEEK(Existing Custom)
Max Capacity350 kg200 kg
Exhaust fumesGreenhouse guszero-emission
SafetyHigh risk due to lack of vehicle inspectionLow risk due to motor drive
PowerN/A200V single-phase
Charging timeN/A3 hour
Max travel distance300km/30L30km/max charge