We are having global network of used marine machineries and spare parts, from ship-breaking dockyard and 2nd-hand market to support our customers.


Discontinued spares available

Some machineries are discontinued, not on the product line, and there is no way to supply new one. We often receive inquires for such discontinued items from our customers but maker recommend us to replace to modified new model.

2nd -hand market is one of the largest market to find discontinued items. There are many levels of its quality in the market, some are poor quality, bad conditions, not able to use. Our cooperate company in the 2nd-hand market having strict quality control policies. They inspect very closely and work on overhauling by well-experienced engineers in accordance with their quality control regulations. We can support our customers to find requested items as of “ready for use in safe”.


There are many levels of its quality as mentioned above, also there are good condition items as well. Some are unused new spare parts in ship’s store room, and it can be found in ship-breaking dockyard. Even it’s unused and new, those are categorized as “2nd-hand” so that we can provide in good price.
Ship owner would like to save maintenance cost if their vessel is scheduled to sell to another ship owner in near future. They would not like to supply expensive modified new model machineries. We can apply for such customer’s demand.

Environmental protection

Supplying from 2nd- hand market and ship-breaking dockyard is not only for the commercial purposes, also it is from the environmental view. Commitment to 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) is one of our company policies.

Please contact us if you need more information about 2nd-hand parts !