Our main business is all the products and services related to the ship, is to offer to suit your needs. Customer is not only in Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Greece, Turkey, Russia and other countries, the trade all over the world to the other party. Nationwide, fly around the world, that can work with you and the "FACE TO FACE" is the best part of the our company of the business.

Our company is seeking human resources such as the following.

  • To have vitality
  • To take communication
  • To discern the civility

Because now that would do done all by e-mail and the Internet is what is the connection between the people and the people are you in our company is the most important. Widely the connection, and we are looking for thick can staff. This is not only trading partners, is also in-house. Also pulled out to three times to 2 times the individual's ability if the staff united, it is possible to achieve a larger goal.

And if everyone than what is both a pleasure and pain towards the same goal, it can be a fun job at all. Everyone can happily work. It is the company goal of our company.

1. Wanted Job

Service Engineer

2. Necessary qualification

Faculty of Science and Technology graduate (expected), English (TOEIC 600 points or more), car driver's license

3. Business content and staff training guidelines

Ladies and gentlemen, do you win went to fight in unarmed without having even a weapon?

We, first wearing the technology in a few years the site as a service engineer, has continued a war that does not lose against the world hand in weapons to say that technology.

When asked field operations (ship and shipyard), I think people who think of immediately tight, dirty and dangerous is that it is almost.

You are correct.

Field work is actually tight, but side-by-side with the dirty, and dangerous. That's why, from the work normally in a comfortable a place nothing clean, we can learn several times of technology in a short period of time. All on the scene is clogged. ① technical capabilities, but is, of course, ② bargaining power with customers, ③ writing skills to write a report, ④ language skills by communicating with foreign sailors, time that is determined, ⑤ management ability to complete the work in workers, in the field ⑥ solving skills to solve the generation and the problems found. ⑦ determination to run it. And ⑧ crisis management capability to the last to safely work.


If there is this most powerful weapon, never lose in other fields as well as the field. You can continue to fight to be defeated, and you can grab a win someday.

The positioning of the service engineers in our company is the forefront of the business. Is in a special space of the field, is a very important connection between people, and you can tie strongly and people. To share the same time while flowing Asemizu together with our customers in the field is the business over to any business. It referred to as "two rabbits without Hunt one rabbit that follow", but as long as you do not continue to follow the two rabbits, ability to catch two rabbits is not attached in any way to learn. Site without saying the two rabbits and, is the job the three rabbit, keep track four rabbits. That's why, no one faster than, and who you can learn the technology than.

I want to ask you is, "easy work" instead, please refer to the "fun job".

4. Contact

Reception time:9:00~17:00
Recruitment Officer:S. YOSHIKAWA